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    Ortona is a small town located on the coast of the province of Chieti, is uncertain period orgine , dating back to the first information Frentania , who lived in the end of the Adriatic between Ortona, Abruzzo , Lanciano and Vasto, Ortona was , therefore , the port frentana area . Another hypothesis is that the city was founded by the Illyrian pirates from Dalmatia . Italian town was built on the Roman city which remain some road layouts , portions of fence dell’urbs and which have been found several artifacts . In 1258 the Greek island of Chios the boater Ortona Leone Acciaiuoli returning from a naval expedition , led to Ortona bones of the Apostle Thomas, who became the patron saint of the city, still preserved in the cathedral of the same name , are exposed to the faithful during the holidays “The Pardon ” Ortona today is one of the most beautiful resorts of Abruzzo, where peace reigns , ideal location for a relaxing holiday, but also for a cultural holiday

    Sea sea sea…

    The coast of Ortona offers tourists different types of beach, populated by those of the bathing establishments in those deserted and pristine. You just have to choose …

    Lido Riccio

    Sand Beach with Private Beach (7) Catering Points (4)

    Ripari di Giobbe

    Beach with Private Beach Stones (1) Refreshment Points (1)

    Lido Saraceni

    Sand Beach with Private Beach (7) Catering Points (4)

    Acqua Bella

    Beach with stones Refuges (None) Refreshment Points (None)

    Places to visit

    • Cathedral Basilica of St. Thomas the Apostle St. Thomas the Apostle of Ortona, where are preserved the relics of the apostle of Christ from the thirteenth century. 
    • Castle Built by Alfonso of Aragon in the 2nd part of the fifteenth century, as a defense of the harbor and, at the same time, as a device for control of the city by the Aragonese.
    • walls Caldoriane
Cathedral Museum
    • Museum of Contemporary Art – Art Gallery Cascella 
    • Museum of Abruzzo – Archive “Francesco Paolo Tosti” 
    • Museum of the Battle of Ortona Events not to miss


    Every year on the first weekend of May, we celebrate the feast of the patron of the Pardon of St. Thomas the Apostle, one of the most important occasions and heard by the local population. During the day on Saturday, takes place on the parade of the Lady of the silver keys, one of the most spectacular and beautiful. The parade is made up of ladies, knights, soldiers, nobles, musicians and flag bearers, dressed in medieval costumes and elegant rinascimantali. The main figure of the procession is the lady of the keys, the choice of the most beautiful girls in the country. The keys are brought up inside the Cathedral, where takes place the opening of the urn containing the silver bust of the saint. On Sunday, the streets and squares of the country are affected by the presence of market stalls and the procession of the Gift, composed of representatives of the various districts leading products of the land and the sea.

    Calalenta ( www.calalenta.com )

    Organised by Slow Food in Lancaster, sponsored by Slow Food Abruzzo and with the contribution of Agriculture of the Abruzzo region, Arssa, APTR, Province of Chieti, Chieti Chamber of Commerce, the municipalities of San Vito and Chieti vast, Cala Slow is quickly become one of the most popular and most anticipated summer Abruzzo, but mostly keeps attracting numerous tourists from outside the region, attracted by the overflow from the scenic beauty and the culinary specialties of the area.

    Feast of St. Sebastian

    It takes place January 20 in front of the cathedral is lit the traditional Vaporetto: and ‘a metallic charge of fireworks. At the conclusion of the festival and ‘must eat the traditional dish of puzzenette vruocchele and stocche, broccoli and dried cod, one of the restaurants that continue the tradition or gathering in groups in homes. The flavors of our land. The culinary tradition of Ortona awaits you with its specialties based on fish, meat as well as the famous Arrosticini. To accompany the flavors of our land, there are the wines of some of the most renowned wineries national, producing award-winning wines at Vinitaly.

    Scopri le bellezze del nostro territorio, gli itinerari e eventi da non perdere, i monumenti, e la famosa sfilata delle chiavi d'argento in occasione della festa patronale del "Perdono".                                                                                                                                                             Discover the beauty of our land, routes and events not to be missed, the monuments and the famous parade of the silver keys on the occasion of the patronal feast

    Situato in uno splendido palazzo del 1500 nel cuore dell’antica città medioevale si affaccia nella via principale che collega la Basilica di San Tommaso Apostolo con il castello Aragonese.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Situated in a beautiful palace of 1500 in the heart of the medieval town overlooking the main street that connects the Basilica of St. Thomas the Apostle with the Aragonese castle

    Sempre nel cuore del centro storico, nella caffetteria "il Moro" potrete rilassarvi davanti ad un buon caffè gustando un gelato o una delle famose crepes appena fatte.                                                                                        Also in the heart of the historical center, in the coffee shop, "IL Moro", you can relax in front of a good coffee while enjoying an ice cream or one of the famous freshly made crepes

    collocato nel centro cittadino in una palazzina di recentissima costruzione, il B&B Licia è dotato di tutti i più moderni comfort, per soggiorni di lavoro o di piacere ma sempre in totale relax.                                                              located in a recent building, the B&B Licia is equipped with all the modern amenities for business or leisure, but always in total relaxation.